The team was all smiles this weekend while volunteering at Boulder Crest Retreat!

August 7th is Purple Heart Day!  Dont forget to honor America’s combat wounded and fallen heroes! #NDUSA #military

August 7th is Purple Heart Day! Dont forget to honor America’s combat wounded and fallen heroes! #NDUSA #military

Last week was yet again a great week at Boulder Crest!  Our team lead, Dennis Strzegowski shared his thoughts and reflections from his experience last Saturday during the horse barn build:

 “Although this was my first trip to Boulder Crest, it was not my first wounded warrior philanthropic event supported by the NewDay Foundation.  In true NewDay fashion we arrived ready and eager to get to work.  The 23 NewDay employees worked hard on the equestrian barn and painting duties on both the archery barn and horse shelter.  We took the baton from Ray Grewe and his team from last Sunday to add the roof rafters for the overhang on the equestrian barn, frame the interior separator for he horse stables, and begin nailing the plywood for the roof.  The team also worked diligently to finish some of the more detailed painting work and adding a couple of coats where needed on both the archery barn and horse shelter.  Ken Falke and his team of Bobs were incredibly appreciative of the hard work.  Team Rubicon Alpha was so efficient we ended work early on the roof in order to leave some work for the Beta team to follow.  We had a chance to speak to some of the guests enjoying the retreat that weekend which provided a strong reflection as to why we were there.”    

From our Boulder Crest Volunteer Team Lead Ray Grewe:
It’s not always easy to wake up at 5:30 am and it’s even harder to do it on a Sunday. But the crew of people we had that made it enjoyed a beautiful Sunday working closely with volunteers at the absolutely gorgeous Boulder Crest Resort. Upon arrival at boulder crest we were greeted and debriefed by the founder of Boulder Crest, Ken Faulk, on the projects we were to accomplish for the day. Some of us helped to paint the archery barn that we built last year, and the rest of us helped with sheeting the barn. The crew on Saturday gave us a head start getting all of the frame work in place, so it was are turn it come in and attach the plywood to the outside walls, make sure the structure was square, and to start the rafters, which will eventually become a storage space. Overall the day was rewarding and insightful. Knowing that you’re making a difference but also learning new skills as you’re doing it. To me I think on of the most impactful things I learned about at boulder crest was the labyrinth therapy they use for some of the veterans. They would have these veterans walk through a narrow maze of stones to get to the center where they can drop off there stone which is symbolic of their emotional scars of war. The therapy is supposedly very emotional, but is proven to work. Overall our team would encourage everyone that has not been involved in a Boulder Crest retreat yet to get out there, YOU WON”T REGRET IT!

This is what we started with... Team work makes the dream work! The final product after Day 1 at Boulder Crest! Our team isnt afraid of  a little work! We did a little painting on our project from last year too!

What a WONDERFUL weekend we had at Boulder Crest! There’s nothing like seeing our team work together on something that is larger than all of us. Watching the structure develop right in front of your eyes, knowing that the few hours each of us are spending for a few days on something that will affect thousands of families is HUGE! It reminds me how small my problems are and how much we often take for granted. This was a FUN labor of love & this weekend’s team set the pace for the entire project! Saturday’s focus was another coat of paint on the horse shelter and to erect the frame. On Saturday we were able to do 2 coats of paint on the horse shed, erect the frame and start the final coat of paint on the archery barn that we built last year! The Boulder Crest crew is VERY impressed with the work ethic of our team and is very excited about the progress we’ve made Check out our progress pics below! Next week, the team works on the roof and finish painting!

Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness

Over the next few weeks our staff at NewDay USA will be volunteering their time to build a horse barn for Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness!

Thousands of our Veterans are returning from war broken and dealing with long-term issues of severe physical injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD). Through NewDay USA’s continued partnership with Boulder Crest Retreat for Veteran Wellness in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Bluemont, Virginia we are provided our opportunity as employees to demonstrate our commitment and appreciation for our nation’s wounded warriors and their families with this significant volunteer event. Master Chief Petty Officer Ken Falke, USN Ret. and his team have presented us with the opportunity to help make a significant difference in the lives of our wounded warriors and their families.

We built an archery barn last year and this year is our opportunity to build a horse barn that will aide their equine therapy program! This project is our largest yet and we are excited to share our progress from week to week!